Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Featured: Glasses were found in a Charity Shop. Watch by TAG Heuer
'Vintage' Mulberry Bag. Jumper, shorts & Wedges collected in Zara Stores over the last year. 

This is a post to all pre-university students. 
If you find yourself contemplating the 'should I, shouldn't I' option that comes in that final year of college, my advice would be to follow the former. 
I've never been one to revel in a lack of personal experience, nor have I ever found any ease following a missed opportunity. 

If the bird hasn't quite flown the cuckoos nest, then this is me advising you to chase it. 

Previous to my last four months, I welcomed others and their insights as to what I could expect within this chapter of my life. 
I listened, I analysed and I put into practice.
Now, having had a small slice of University pie, I can tell you that all of the information and assumptions that you may have, they will sharply and surely go straight out of the 
With regards as to how others perceive you, I tend to treat the following as gospel: University will act as more of a conformation, rather than as a contradiction to ones self. 
It most certainly played house to my ever evolving persona in any case. I come across as more of a 'Geek' than ever.

I won't pretend to believe that i'm the only girl who delights in a classic pair of spectacles, But what I will say is that when worn, Homage should be paid to Buddy Holly and not to Clark Kent. 
- The two are far too often confused. 
I found my pair riffling through a Charity Bin. 

As for the bare essentials. I tend to resemble on of those girls that you see prancing around, dressed for summer when it's so clearly still winter. I like to have my legs out and I scarcely enjoy the confinement that comes with jeans. 

A nice jumper paired with good fitting shorts is a combination that has always appealed to my better taste.
At the moment, I tend to favour a Peter Pan collared jumper from Zara But as luck would have it, they've sold out online. 
-I have however found this gorgeous alternative here if you fancy treating yourself.  

As for an outfits topping, I believe in adhering to the 'less is more' balance when contemplating the presence of jewellery. 
Yet the one piece that I feel openly lost without is the strap that fastens around my wrist. The timepiece that features here was a surprise gift from Papa A. I've had this particular piece for around three years and I still love it's underestimated elegance. 

I aim to spend small fortunes on new possessions that I plan to keep, that way I can reason that whatever it is, it'll be worth the expense. 
Very similar reasoning can be found behind all manner of bags, purses and wallets galore.
Coincidently, this 'vintage' Mulberry was yet another delightful gift of generosity. I think that the boyfriend shares my fathers enthusiasm to spoil me rotten. 
                                        - I am a lucky cow, I know.

Oh, I should probably mention that these aren't my wedges. They were on loan from The Girl and I've since had to return them.  

. . . I think that this photograph calls as cause for a reunion. 

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