Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The George at Yarmouth

The shabby exterior of this establishment is by no means a reflection of what's to be found inside. 
The food is just delectable. 
The girl and I settled on a visually appealing Chenin Blanc, whilst our mother opted for the ever popular, coca-cola.
If you get the chance -  make your booking for a lazy, summer, sunday afternoon. It's a great chance to enjoy lunch whilst relishing in the soft hummer of seaside excitement.  

As if the views aren't enough to tempt you. The three of us jumped on the next ferry over when we found out about the special promotional lunch on offer. 
£22.95 for 3 courses
£17.95 for 2 courses
£19.95 for 2 courses with a return foot passenger ferry ticket from Lymington. 
- Obviously we chose to partake in the latter. 

This 'Mottistone Farm Pork Loin & Smoked Belly with Cabbage and Apple' was a big hit at our table. Not only did I venture for this dish but I as I discovered, so did my sister.
My Mother on the other hand went for the 'Roast Butternut Squash & Cumin Risotto with Crisp Coriander.' 
Sadly I was so excited by my main that I failed to take a quick snap of her plate. 
It won't happen again, I promise. 

On the other hand, if we were talking about what's what by word of mouth, both dishes were finished to rave reviews. 

and so on to Dessert . . .

This 'Duo of White and Dark Chocolate' is enough to get any girl excited. Undoubtably delicious but I did find it a little bit tough to finish off the whole thing all by myself, there's only so much cocoa that my tummy can take.

Now, some people find room for dessert, I find room for coffee. I was actually quite amused by the way in which these were presented. They are liquor coffees - granted, but i've never been given said beverage in a rounded wine glass before. 
It's a trend that i'll have to get used to because I can see myself becoming a frequent within this establishment come summer time. Besides, knowing that my parents humble abode lies just across the seabed, I really ought to visit more. 
It would be rude not too. 

Ps/. Yesterday, Papa A stopped at The George for a quick bite to eat. I know whats next on my list of things to try. . . 



If all of this isn't enough to persuade you, The George just so happens to have a sister pub here on the main land. With both premises owned by John Illsley (The Bass Guitarist for Dire Straits) you'll find a real mixture of traditional qualities and personal homely touches to both decors.
The George is wonderful for Ladies and Gentlemen who lunch but The East End Arms is a real diamond in the rough for locals and Grockles alike. I wouldn't expect you to take my word for it of course, go on and find out for yourselves. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Jo Malone

I've been a little bit naughty this week . . . Tut Tut. 
While Mrs Malone and her collection of flirty fragrances have been on my radar for quite some time now, I've always managed to avoid the expenditure. 
Well, up until last wednesday that was. 
My Mother and I took a little trip to Oxford Circus, where we lunched, we socialised and we shopped. 
So, it is my strong belief that any trip near Bond Street is no trip at at all unless a quick visit to Selfridges is made and so set in that state of mind, off we went deep into the Hair & Beauty department . . .

Now I've always fancied Pomegranate.
I'm attracted to more fruity flavours as a general rule but this one really ticks all of the boxes. I think its the subtle hints of spicy woods and frankincense that really catches my attention. 
As luck would have it, my Mother vastly insisted that this was the fragrance for her and that perhaps I should opt for another. 
Honestly, the things I do for that woman.
And so, my final purchase, the lovely, Orange Blossom cologne. 
This one happened to be one of the very last bottles that I picked up - I'm so not an orange person. Like the Pomegranate, this one also has it's own little twist to give it some extra oomph.
'Orange blossom with warm undertones of orris and vetiver' - A real heavenly composition within a chic glass jar. 
If you can't get enough of one scent in particular, the 100ml is a sure winner. If you're like me however and there are just too many delights to choose from, the 30ml alternative is a good way to go.
You can chop and change as and when you please but what's more is that this baby sized bottle is just the right size to squeeze into any of your arm candy. 

 . . .It's a little bit naughty but it's most certainly quite nice. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Denim Shirt

A Holly McDonagh Special

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Shirt(Lovely alternative here)and Zara Basics Denim Shorts (This little pair has recently caught my eye)
Longines Watch is on loan from the girl and the boots are McDonaghs latest purchase from Russell and Bromley

When I say that Holly McDonagh is the girl next door, I mean it to be implied in the most literal sense.
This being said, she could easily undertake any stereotypical references that also accompany the above label.    
This girl is really quite the character.

When we uncovered these boots in the midst of a Russell and Bromley sale, it should almost be unsurprising that we could have started a tug-of-war for them there and then. 
Thankfully we didn't and with just one quick glimpse at the boots leather sole, Holly McDonagh and her tiny size fours had won. 
Logically it seemed fitting that she should be the one to pose in front of the camera. 

Oh, I would just like to note that caution should be taken by anyone who insists upon a double denim collaboration. Shades must be mixed and accessories are required.
Ideally, this look would have adhered to the denim shirt, leather shorts rule but it would seem that I am still on the hunt for such said article. 
My actual intention for this shoot was just to expose my much anticipated and finally purchased, ideal denim shirt. 
The one that I previously featured here, vastly sold out and I was yet again left without any other options.
 . . . Oh, how the wonders that are found in T.K.Maxx never cease to end. 

If you still haven't visited, I really do insist.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Romance Me

Who says that chivalry is dead?

I had to forgive the boyfriend when kodak moments went amiss.
I even smiled when a compliment went awry and a marshmallow comparison was made. I never, not for one second, stopped smiling from the minute that I stepped off of that platform and into my 'twiggy' dress. 

He spoilt me with flowers, dinner with wine, coffee to follow and a rose to finish. Shared between two love sick kids, there were opened doors, tender kisses, playful conversation and old fashioned morals. 

A quick note to self/.
 It's actually quite nice being so smitten.

A quick note to the boyfriend/. 
I loved Valentines
 . . . 
But the pressure is most definitely on for next year.


Monday, 13 February 2012


I should really consider writing a declaration of my love to Dior
- With each and every Rouge that I purchase, I find that my admiration continues to blossom uncontrollably. 
More to the point, it is with darling names like 'Roulette' and 'Royalty' that Dior makes it oh so hard for us all to resist.
Now while some people may disagree with me, the way that I see it, is that any day can be a fashion parade. So, for those of you that sit on the other side of the fence, believe me when I say that Valentines is the perfect excuse to paint on your war paint.
Bearing all of this in mind, I do plan on donning a white 'twiggy' dress that calls for an epic layering of graphite coloured liquid liner. 
 . . . Remember - Heavy lipstick and loaded liner should only ever be seen on the face of a boy in drag. 
Take my word for it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Tattoos have always provoked opinion. The Egyptians embraced them artistically, while Samoans became defined by the marks that identified their very being. In 19th Century London, they were widely speculated as 'the prevalence of the custom among soldiers, sailors, criminals and prostitutes.' Ironically the French opposed this theory, due to a regulation which saw the removal of tattoos from within all army and navy ranks. Perhaps the implication as to why tattoos continue to persist today, is quite simply because they are permanent.  
This was certainly evident from the 1970's, where interest began to grow around the old sailor staple. Previously favoured by former seadogs for their ability to convey nautical ideologies, the once evocative sparrows, stars and pin-up girls had become nothing more than a declaration of one's individuality. 
The 80s soon followed with the unveiling of John Richmond's 'Destroy' collection. Tattoo illustrated sleeves teamed with biker tops and jackets encouraged many to appear rebellious, whilst any permeant threats were avoided. Richmond's snake, heart and skull designs paved the way for many of the rock'n'roll bandits that went on to represent this decade. 
Gaultier additionally payed homage when he featured marked models within his 1994 spring/summer show. Amongst a delightful cocktail of previously mentioned styles mixed with other unique designs, Celtic patterns became evident. They would later go on to symbolise the defiant young women who exploited this era of self-expression.
In keeping with this need to project one's individuality, Rick 'zombie boy' Genest provoked opinion when he exploited the limitations of this trend. With 'eery postmortem' tattoos that enwrap his body, Genest was every inch the walking corpse and he traipse down Nicola Formichetti's first show at Mugler. When questioned about his choice of model, Formichetti simply replied, 'It's all about different characters and collaborations.' 
In more recent years admiration has been demonstrated in many different forms. From Sang Bleu magazine to the temporary designs launched by Karl Lagerfeld. With dedications like this and in an age where Ford Focus has it's own line of 'wrap tattoos,' maybe it's time for the rest of us to consider revelling in the rebellion.