Monday, 20 February 2012

The Denim Shirt

A Holly McDonagh Special

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Shirt(Lovely alternative here)and Zara Basics Denim Shorts (This little pair has recently caught my eye)
Longines Watch is on loan from the girl and the boots are McDonaghs latest purchase from Russell and Bromley

When I say that Holly McDonagh is the girl next door, I mean it to be implied in the most literal sense.
This being said, she could easily undertake any stereotypical references that also accompany the above label.    
This girl is really quite the character.

When we uncovered these boots in the midst of a Russell and Bromley sale, it should almost be unsurprising that we could have started a tug-of-war for them there and then. 
Thankfully we didn't and with just one quick glimpse at the boots leather sole, Holly McDonagh and her tiny size fours had won. 
Logically it seemed fitting that she should be the one to pose in front of the camera. 

Oh, I would just like to note that caution should be taken by anyone who insists upon a double denim collaboration. Shades must be mixed and accessories are required.
Ideally, this look would have adhered to the denim shirt, leather shorts rule but it would seem that I am still on the hunt for such said article. 
My actual intention for this shoot was just to expose my much anticipated and finally purchased, ideal denim shirt. 
The one that I previously featured here, vastly sold out and I was yet again left without any other options.
 . . . Oh, how the wonders that are found in T.K.Maxx never cease to end. 

If you still haven't visited, I really do insist.

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