Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The George at Yarmouth

The shabby exterior of this establishment is by no means a reflection of what's to be found inside. 
The food is just delectable. 
The girl and I settled on a visually appealing Chenin Blanc, whilst our mother opted for the ever popular, coca-cola.
If you get the chance -  make your booking for a lazy, summer, sunday afternoon. It's a great chance to enjoy lunch whilst relishing in the soft hummer of seaside excitement.  

As if the views aren't enough to tempt you. The three of us jumped on the next ferry over when we found out about the special promotional lunch on offer. 
£22.95 for 3 courses
£17.95 for 2 courses
£19.95 for 2 courses with a return foot passenger ferry ticket from Lymington. 
- Obviously we chose to partake in the latter. 

This 'Mottistone Farm Pork Loin & Smoked Belly with Cabbage and Apple' was a big hit at our table. Not only did I venture for this dish but I as I discovered, so did my sister.
My Mother on the other hand went for the 'Roast Butternut Squash & Cumin Risotto with Crisp Coriander.' 
Sadly I was so excited by my main that I failed to take a quick snap of her plate. 
It won't happen again, I promise. 

On the other hand, if we were talking about what's what by word of mouth, both dishes were finished to rave reviews. 

and so on to Dessert . . .

This 'Duo of White and Dark Chocolate' is enough to get any girl excited. Undoubtably delicious but I did find it a little bit tough to finish off the whole thing all by myself, there's only so much cocoa that my tummy can take.

Now, some people find room for dessert, I find room for coffee. I was actually quite amused by the way in which these were presented. They are liquor coffees - granted, but i've never been given said beverage in a rounded wine glass before. 
It's a trend that i'll have to get used to because I can see myself becoming a frequent within this establishment come summer time. Besides, knowing that my parents humble abode lies just across the seabed, I really ought to visit more. 
It would be rude not too. 

Ps/. Yesterday, Papa A stopped at The George for a quick bite to eat. I know whats next on my list of things to try. . . 



If all of this isn't enough to persuade you, The George just so happens to have a sister pub here on the main land. With both premises owned by John Illsley (The Bass Guitarist for Dire Straits) you'll find a real mixture of traditional qualities and personal homely touches to both decors.
The George is wonderful for Ladies and Gentlemen who lunch but The East End Arms is a real diamond in the rough for locals and Grockles alike. I wouldn't expect you to take my word for it of course, go on and find out for yourselves. 

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