Monday, 13 February 2012


I should really consider writing a declaration of my love to Dior
- With each and every Rouge that I purchase, I find that my admiration continues to blossom uncontrollably. 
More to the point, it is with darling names like 'Roulette' and 'Royalty' that Dior makes it oh so hard for us all to resist.
Now while some people may disagree with me, the way that I see it, is that any day can be a fashion parade. So, for those of you that sit on the other side of the fence, believe me when I say that Valentines is the perfect excuse to paint on your war paint.
Bearing all of this in mind, I do plan on donning a white 'twiggy' dress that calls for an epic layering of graphite coloured liquid liner. 
 . . . Remember - Heavy lipstick and loaded liner should only ever be seen on the face of a boy in drag. 
Take my word for it.

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