Wednesday, 28 March 2012

All About Stella

What you see above, is my 'first day in the office' outfit. 
This beautiful skirt suit is from Asos and the pastel linen shirt is from Zara. They're both clear winners. 

 Not wanting to look like the only tramp in jeans, I opted for this little beauty. I'd been admiring its webpage for oh-so long by this point, that the work experience opportunity was more of an excuse to click the 'add to bag' icon. 

Just quickly, to those of you who plan to purchase. 
The trick with Asos sizing, is to bare their love for all things short in mind. Purchasing from the 'petite' selection is never a good idea, not even for us short girls. The skirt pictured is a regular, size 8 and its trimming only just manages to skim the cheeks of my derrière. 
As for the jacket, a cosy size 10 seemed appropriate. Imaginably, the right size for it to sit on my shoulders just so. Ultimately, this is the item that I should have taken from the petite section, that or have swapped its number from an cosy 10 to a fitted 8. I can see seamstress' in this suits future. 
 - Despite the complains, it is without a doubt, the most wonderful suit that I have ever found hung in my bedroom. Bar none.

On the second day, I threw on this Jaguar Print Shirt from Zara. 

Not wanting to appear 'too at ease', I came to the conclusion that this shirt would work wonders when paired with a simple pair of dark, skinny denims. Minimalistic is always the right way to go. You don't want to look like the offices lost and found box, after all.  

I'm now half way through my first week and I can safely say that i've been kept busy throughout.  

 -I cross my heart, when I say that I'm loving every single second of it.

I'll keep you posted. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

All Work & No Play

A Description | Drawn By Ali Syed

It has recently come to my attention, that some sort-term neglection has been suffered by the old splog. I am of course, wholly at fault and I take full responsibility for my actions. (Oh Gosh, its just like being back at school).
If explanations count for anything, I have been absolutely choc-a-block with university work and may I just highlight that sitting in front of a laptop screen, for hours on end, does not a good time make. 
That being said, contemplating all the words that have been typed and considering all of the hours spent typing them, I feel it's only appropriate that you should evidence a little bit of whats been written . . .

 - For the following piece, we were asked to interview a 3rd year Fashion Design student and to then write that up as a feature for any magazine of our choosing. My designated boy was a young chap named Ali syed and my chosen magazine was Elle UK.


The Indian-born designer, 22 talks to Rebecca-Elizabeth about ORIGAMI CONSTRUCTIONS, MAGPIE COMPARISONS and the people who make ‘such nice STUFF’

It’s an unwritten rule for all up and coming Fashion Designers: thou shall act and speak in such a way that suggest to the world, you’ve already made it. It is therefore, always such a pleasure to discover that young, rare talent who subtly opposes that very stereotyped theory. 
Pulling out the chair to my right-hand side, Ali syed is the Croydon-based epitome of effortless chic. 
He sits comfortably with his right leg crossed lightly over his left, dressed in a feasible outfit of dark denim and ribbed socks. ‘Everything I’m wearing is from Uniqlo - It’s the only place I can find my size,’ he says. 
Full of apologies for having missed our previous meetings, Ali then makes a casual observation about a key factor to our interview. ‘It’s just a shame I haven’t got any of my work, I could have shown it to you.’ 
In a matter of minutes, he takes my pen and sheets of paper and he begins to illustrate a particular shirt that he’s currently working on. 
Over the past three years, Ali has been working up to the current construction of his ‘first real collection.’ His attitude is surprisingly luxe and utterly self assured. ‘I’m like a magpie, I just pick out stuff that I like. If it works, it works and if it doesn’t then I start the whole process again.’ 
The clothes actually sound rather charming and innovative, especially considering that ‘there’s loads of people out there who make such nice stuff.’ Picture seamless shirts where the shape relies on the folds and the cut of the garment. If Ali hadn’t revealed the paper craft inspiration behind this collection, you couldn’t quite figure out how they’re done. ‘You know, paper constructions, paper architecture . . . I keep away from origami. Thats been done a lot of times.’ 
As with colour schemes and palettes, Ali openly cackles. ‘It is a very touchy subject’ he says in a slightly aggravated tone. Having changed from shades of ‘blues to barbie pinks,’ he insist that hes ‘had a real big problem with that.’ Listing off different ‘bright pinks’ and ‘light pinks’ so as to give me a mental image of whats to be expected, he then pulls out a contrasting wine-coloured zipper from his top right pocket. ‘Colours like this basically,’ Oh right, I see. Colours like that. 
In talks about other designers, Ali is excited by the prospect of working for American Designer, Thom Brown. ‘He’s very crazy but I love him.’ As with other fashion houses, he is less enthusiastic. Despite having three internships under his belt, he is very open about the other opportunities that he has purposely ignored. ‘I mean, there were other big ones but I didn’t take them because of what i’d heard from other people.’ 
A young man basing his decisions on idle gossip, perhaps Ali Syed is not as cool as I first thought. 

 . . . Not too shabby, I hope.

As for my next post, I start interning at Stella magazine for The Daily Telegraph on Monday. 

A crisp, new suit has just been hanging on the back of my door frame and I, for one, am only too excited about the very prospect of finally having the chance to prance and pose around in all its general splendour. 

Wish me luck boys and girls . . .
 . . . I'm as nervous as a kitten, really.  

Monday, 19 March 2012


 - because nothing taste as sweet. 

To all you sugar lovin' ladies.
If you're one of those girlies who can't help snacking then these POPS are most certainly for you. Completely delicious of course but unlike most snacks, they let you know when enough is enough.  
There is after all, only so much sugar a girl can take.

Profile number two/. 
If you happen to be at all like me then you've come into a severe lessoned liking for all things sugar and spice as of late. I'm telling you, sink your teeth into one of these bad boys and it's a completely different story. They get my vote every time. 

Profile three/. 
Last and by no means least, you wonderful women out there with a sweet tooth or two. 
Buy the book, visit the bakery, or follow the just recipe bellow. Honestly, you won't regret it.

 . . . Little cakes on sticks, who'd have thought it.

Making the Cake

 -  125g slightly salted butter
 - 125g caster sugar
- 2 medium eggs
- 125g self-raising flour
- 2tbsp cocoa powder

8inch (20cm) greased cake tin.

 - Preheat the oven to 160'C, gas mark 3 

 - Put the butter and sugar in to an food processor (electronic whisk) and beat until white and fluffy.
- slowly add the eggs as you continue to beat the mixture. The sift over the flour and cocoa and continue to mix until everything is well combined.
 - Pour into the prepared cake tin and bake for 25 minutes. 
 - Leave to cool for 30 - 40 minutes and then turn out onto a wire cooling rack to cool down completely. 
(Even better, makes the cake the day before you want to makes your POP's)

Making the Cake Balls

 - 1 cooled cake
- 70g of full-fat cream cheese
- 140g of icing sugar

 - Put the cake into the food processor and process to form a mixture with a crumb-like consistency. Put to one side and combine the cream cheese and icing sugar in the processor until well mixed.
 - Combine the cake crumbs and cream cheese frosting with your hands (SO much fun) until you are left with one moist mixture.
 - Measure 30g of cake mixture and roll into balls. Do this for 20 balls and place on a plate. 
 - Pop into the fridge and let cool for a few hours or if you're short of time, pop in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Make sure they're hard but not frozen. 

Time to POP

 - Cake Balls
 - 400g of Candy Melts (chocolate buttons. The recipe calls for 400g but McDonagh and I managed with 200g. We found this perfect sized bag in Lakelands)

20 Lollipop Sticks

 - Put the Candy Melts into a microwavable bowl and microwave on a medium heat for about two minutes. Keep checking and stirring so that the melts don't burn. 
 - When the melts are ready, dip around 1cm of a lollipop stick into the melted mixture and then insert it into one of the hardened cake balls. 

 - Holding the end of the stick, dip the cake POP into the bowl of candy melts, covering the POP entirely and using a spoon to help if necessary. Gently shake to remove any excess candy melts. 

If you happen to have visited the shop, you'll be all clued up on the many wonderful decorations and designs that are about. The Tigers, Penguins and Pandas are among my many favourites. 

Coming over artistically shy, McDonagh and I thought that we would opt for something fairly manageable. The Leopard print POPs were so compelling but as with out luck, we couldn't hunt down any of the required black cocoa butter for love nor money. 
As a result, we went without and by sheer dumb luck, these scrumptious purple polka dot POPs were born. 

Positively Scrummy. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

In Preparation for 'The Daily Telegraph'

March is most definitely my month of choice. 
Not only have I received the most generous of gifts from the Boy (a beautiful Mulberry wallet), but after having spent countless moments cooing over the Daria Clutch
(Remember my previous post? No, just click here) I finally gave in to its beckoning. 
I simply adore the casual and easy affect that's given by clashing ones soft and noir shell against the 'marshmallow white' shade of the other. 
I have been inseparable with both, clutch and purse ever since. 

Coinciding with these previous delights, I have yet another surprise to unleash from within this month of glad tidings. As it stands, I have received the most scrumptious of proposals from Stella magazine at The Daily Telegraph. 
In the space of just one fortnight, I will be interning for the delectable minds at Stella and in all honesty, I could not be more excited. 
Really, as an avid reader of both publication and paper, there are not enough words in the English Dictionary to express the extent of my appreciation.


So, today has been a dedication to that precise opportunity. As with most occurrences and on the flip side of that coin, there was the inexcusable rule of reasoning to splash out on a shiny, new outfit. 
An idea that I always relish in.  
The obvious destination was thus visited by one Christopher Lawrence, a Miss McDonagh and myself. 
 . . . Que Oxford Circus.

I should of course mention that I had already bought a suit by this point and so it was really just one-off pieces that I was on the look out for. 
Think Shoes, Jewellery, belts and scarves. Anything that has the power to add a little 'oomph.'

To all of you first time London troopers.
Topshop is still very much the first stop or last stop on every youngsters train. 
If you're looking for some guidance, I advise you to head straight to the very last floor. The left side holds a rather voluptuous selection of varied vintage stock. Whilst to the right, they offer you a little slice of shoe heaven.
Kurt Geiger Heals, Vivienne Westwood Jellies, Joules Wellington Boots and Topshop pumps. 
 - Like I said, just a little slice of shoe heaven. 

With the day coming to a close and with our spirits starting to flag, we finally called it quits after a surprise, shirt purchase in Zara. 
The garment in question has been linked here.
As for shirt and suit previews, you're going to have to wait until the 26th of March. 
When this date hits, all items will be worn, shot and posted, ready for your audience and anxiously awaiting your comments. 
I always love to hear what your opinions are. 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Boy on Film

Studying is only a small slice of what University is all about. For those of you who don’t know, whilst you’re in such an establishment, you will also be expected to fulfill certain briefs and projects. 

As of late, a Ms. Delia Barrett and myself were given the task of producing a plausible Fashion Editorial for any given magazine of our choice.
Menswear was instantly favoured by both parties, namely for its growing economy (remember Mr.Porter people? but also because of a mutual, personal longing to experiment in the relatively unknown. We aren’t boys after all. 
Dazed & Confused magazine was later agreed upon, given its cool and casual edge. We reveled in the ideals of contrasting its unique feel with on-trend styling, which echoed the current white and soft tailored trends.
-and so, without further ado and quite simply, for your delight and pleasure . .

Spectacles are courtesy of Delia, by Asos. The classic Bow Tie is Balmain and the statement white shirt is T.M.Lewin. Silk Handkerchief is by John Lewis.

These timeless boots belong to our model, Bobi. From Jones Bootmakers

This shirt belongs to me, It was bought from Zara. The trousers are new look and the workman's watch is Longines. 

The tailored garments, boots and specs all have something rather ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ about them. 

-A great film, I might add.

The real reason why this shoot is such a success, is largely down to our god-willing model, Bobi. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone so professional. Honestly, If we said jump, he would promptly ask ‘how high?’
Bobi must also take credit for those smashing pair of boots. Boys, you should be taking notes. 
 -Just think laced, chelsea boots and you’re half way there. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Flame Haired Florence

The musical genius.
Once again I find myself imploring you to loosen up your purse strings. If Florence Welch and her band have somehow managed to bypass you, I insist that you hit iTunes and that you purchase her latest record immediately. 
 - If you have me on Facebook, you'll know all about my recent happenings or more specifically,  where I went on Sunday night. The girl and I took a turn to the B.I.C (Bournemouth International Centre) where we threw ourselves into a sell out crowd of Florence fanatics. 

Oh, if anybody ever has the audacity to tell you that this flame haired vixen lacks that live, showbiz quality - well, not to beat around the bush but they really couldn't be more wrong.  
She's a real gem. 

Ps/. When I started this post, I had only the best musical intentions at heart but then I stumbled across this iconic piece of photography and well, what can I say? 

. . . I need to have this skirt in my life. End of.