Wednesday, 28 March 2012

All About Stella

What you see above, is my 'first day in the office' outfit. 
This beautiful skirt suit is from Asos and the pastel linen shirt is from Zara. They're both clear winners. 

 Not wanting to look like the only tramp in jeans, I opted for this little beauty. I'd been admiring its webpage for oh-so long by this point, that the work experience opportunity was more of an excuse to click the 'add to bag' icon. 

Just quickly, to those of you who plan to purchase. 
The trick with Asos sizing, is to bare their love for all things short in mind. Purchasing from the 'petite' selection is never a good idea, not even for us short girls. The skirt pictured is a regular, size 8 and its trimming only just manages to skim the cheeks of my derrière. 
As for the jacket, a cosy size 10 seemed appropriate. Imaginably, the right size for it to sit on my shoulders just so. Ultimately, this is the item that I should have taken from the petite section, that or have swapped its number from an cosy 10 to a fitted 8. I can see seamstress' in this suits future. 
 - Despite the complains, it is without a doubt, the most wonderful suit that I have ever found hung in my bedroom. Bar none.

On the second day, I threw on this Jaguar Print Shirt from Zara. 

Not wanting to appear 'too at ease', I came to the conclusion that this shirt would work wonders when paired with a simple pair of dark, skinny denims. Minimalistic is always the right way to go. You don't want to look like the offices lost and found box, after all.  

I'm now half way through my first week and I can safely say that i've been kept busy throughout.  

 -I cross my heart, when I say that I'm loving every single second of it.

I'll keep you posted. 

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