Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Flame Haired Florence

The musical genius.
Once again I find myself imploring you to loosen up your purse strings. If Florence Welch and her band have somehow managed to bypass you, I insist that you hit iTunes and that you purchase her latest record immediately. 
 - If you have me on Facebook, you'll know all about my recent happenings or more specifically,  where I went on Sunday night. The girl and I took a turn to the B.I.C (Bournemouth International Centre) where we threw ourselves into a sell out crowd of Florence fanatics. 

Oh, if anybody ever has the audacity to tell you that this flame haired vixen lacks that live, showbiz quality - well, not to beat around the bush but they really couldn't be more wrong.  
She's a real gem. 

Ps/. When I started this post, I had only the best musical intentions at heart but then I stumbled across this iconic piece of photography and well, what can I say? 

. . . I need to have this skirt in my life. End of.

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