Thursday, 15 March 2012

In Preparation for 'The Daily Telegraph'

March is most definitely my month of choice. 
Not only have I received the most generous of gifts from the Boy (a beautiful Mulberry wallet), but after having spent countless moments cooing over the Daria Clutch
(Remember my previous post? No, just click here) I finally gave in to its beckoning. 
I simply adore the casual and easy affect that's given by clashing ones soft and noir shell against the 'marshmallow white' shade of the other. 
I have been inseparable with both, clutch and purse ever since. 

Coinciding with these previous delights, I have yet another surprise to unleash from within this month of glad tidings. As it stands, I have received the most scrumptious of proposals from Stella magazine at The Daily Telegraph. 
In the space of just one fortnight, I will be interning for the delectable minds at Stella and in all honesty, I could not be more excited. 
Really, as an avid reader of both publication and paper, there are not enough words in the English Dictionary to express the extent of my appreciation.


So, today has been a dedication to that precise opportunity. As with most occurrences and on the flip side of that coin, there was the inexcusable rule of reasoning to splash out on a shiny, new outfit. 
An idea that I always relish in.  
The obvious destination was thus visited by one Christopher Lawrence, a Miss McDonagh and myself. 
 . . . Que Oxford Circus.

I should of course mention that I had already bought a suit by this point and so it was really just one-off pieces that I was on the look out for. 
Think Shoes, Jewellery, belts and scarves. Anything that has the power to add a little 'oomph.'

To all of you first time London troopers.
Topshop is still very much the first stop or last stop on every youngsters train. 
If you're looking for some guidance, I advise you to head straight to the very last floor. The left side holds a rather voluptuous selection of varied vintage stock. Whilst to the right, they offer you a little slice of shoe heaven.
Kurt Geiger Heals, Vivienne Westwood Jellies, Joules Wellington Boots and Topshop pumps. 
 - Like I said, just a little slice of shoe heaven. 

With the day coming to a close and with our spirits starting to flag, we finally called it quits after a surprise, shirt purchase in Zara. 
The garment in question has been linked here.
As for shirt and suit previews, you're going to have to wait until the 26th of March. 
When this date hits, all items will be worn, shot and posted, ready for your audience and anxiously awaiting your comments. 
I always love to hear what your opinions are. 

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