Friday, 27 April 2012

Aubaine on Dover Street

I Adore The French
...In many ways, I'm very much like Jenny Mellor from An Education. Their very being just captivates me.

At the request of Daddy Austin, I spent Tuesday night trawling through the online advertisements, reviews and recommendations of Mayfair's finest. We were to wine and dine that following Wednesday you see. 
As a frequent guest of independently run restaurants, I scoured the metaphorical pages of my macintosh, searching for a secret hideaway that offered good food to match the grand level of company with whom I travelled. As I went on to discover, London's little gems tend to be kept behind a tight lock and lost key.
I should really know better by now. In all my 20 years, i've eaten in 'chain' restaurants by their hundreds and i've been thoroughly impressed by the majority. My snobbery should bow out any day now.
Alas Wednesday night came and with a little slice of anticipation the pair of us took to Dover Street where a French eatery named 'Aubaine' came highly recommended.

Ushered away from the chaotic streets of Oxford Circus, we set off for a relaxing evening of Parisian custom. 
Greeted with an array of friendly smiles, the decor is familiar to that 'shabby but sophisticated chic' that you would find within a Browns. I feel perfectly at ease as I admire each trinket throughout the restaurant as well as the niche collection of colourful macaroons that are stashed amidst the establishments walls. Much to my delight, a bottle of 'perrier' was brought to the table when sparkling water had been requested. I've been drinking Perrier since I could walk and I find it so difficult to resist its sharp bubbles. A bottle of Pinot Blanc was shared as we devoured the bucket of bread that was gingerly placed by the attentive waiter. 

With such an appealing menu, Aubaine has its way with the majority of its customers. Starters were dealt with in a manner of minutes as papa and I were easily persuaded by that which we first laid our eyes upon. 'Salt and chilli squid with lime aioli and coriander' and 'Wild Mushrooms, puff pastry, duck egg and hollandaise.' We eagerly finished the course, savouring the delicious and unexpected taste, which were unleashed with each and every given forkful.  

As for the main event. 'Grilled tiger prawns, bok choy, shiitake and chilli' was chosen by the gent. Whilst I opted 'Grilled Lemon sole and tartare sauce.' The charming waiter placed dauphinioise Potatoes and french fries in-between our two dishes before wishing us 'bon appetite.' 

Munch, munch, munch et voila, fini. Away with our empty plates and onto the sweeter things in life. Pudding.
Here I was truly impressed. Instead of the obligatory 'desserts' menu, a black slate board of hugely tempting treats was presented. Eyes wide in amazement, I listed to the various descriptions of millefeuilles, tortes, crumbles and such. Indulging my sweet tooth I decided upon three of the miniatures. A chocolate tart with matching cocoa macaroon as well as a strawberry macaroon just to keep my longing at bay. While I scoffed, Daddy Austin politely ventured for a cheeseboard as desserts and sweets aren't 'really his bag.'

This liquor coffee was the perfect end to a wonderful meal
...or so I though. 
Just as we started to throw on our coats, ready to face the cold air that awaited outside. Two square boxes of Aubaine Macaroons had somehow made their way into my hands. Filled with a mixture of strawberry and apple flavoured treats, this restaurant has most certainly made a lasting impression in my books. 

Be sure to pay them a visit.

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