Tuesday, 17 April 2012

'I'll Be Seeing You'

From The Top Right Of The Top Photograph and Working Our Way Clockwise |
Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne Collector, Poudre De Soleil Bronzing Powder (I Can Only Find This Online In The US Atm. Please Let Me Know If You Find Anything Otherwise)
DOLCE & GABBANA Lipsticks In 'Chic Monica,' 'Magnetic Monica' and 'Attractive Monica.' 
Anatomicals 'Breath-a-lies' Breath Freshener (I Can Only Find This 'Snog Me Senseless' Treat Online)

This is of course, the  much anticipated 'End Of Stella' splog. 
 - Its late arrival has not gone un-noted i'm sure.
Despite having spoilt me rotten on the Thursday beforehand,(all has been unveiled here) Frankie and the girls continued to surprise and delight, with ongoing gestures of generosity throughout my final week. 
An envelope, was the first of treats to have come out of the blue. A signed and sealed card was given to my right hand, whilst a second surprise was bestowed into my left. To my enjoyment, a scrummy pack of Percy Pig Biscuits were given.
- An old favourite of mine, that I hadn't tasted in far too long.

After these little surprises had settled within my mind, I packed up my things and I went to say my reluctant goodbyes. Happily, these were reciprocated but once again whilst I expected no physicality's whatsoever, the girls unveiled one final treat. 
Another little trip was made to the fashion cupboard, where I was granted  one last rummage through the many, many make up boxes. 
 - Et Voila. Le apres délices. 

Now, Phoenix Magazine. This Is That Secret that I was Telling You About. 

Figuratively high from Stella, I was ever so eager to seek out my next venture. Without hesitance, this new magazine on the block happened to have caught my eye. It oozes that clever, insider knowledge that we all like to think we have. Well, have a flick through these pages and you'll realise just how many tricks are out there, that have bypassed your window. 
Its latest edition, has a savile row feature which I thoroughly read through on one of my recent journeys up to London Town. 
Side tracking, here is my point. I have been offered the chance to extend my experiences at Phoenix headquarters for the month of July, with other possible snippets of chance at hand as well. 
Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan, eh? 

I also thought that I would give into months of oohing and aching over these kickers. I've been eyeing them up on Ashley Madekwes' sight and after having heard just how much she thinks of hers, I had to click the 'add to cart' icon. (I should mention that the timed sale happened to help sharpen my decision). 
 - I'm now eyeing up the black pair. 

Ps/. Remember Thisworks? The tanning tube I promised to try out for you? Well, as you can see from the photographs, my pins have most defiantly become some-what tinted. I would have to say that my thighs in this last picture is most likely the most accurate shade of colouring
 - Please excuse the bumps and bruises. They're evidence of my unfortunate and consistent, casual clumsiness. 

If i'm being honest, as far as tanning solutions go, I actually quite fancy this one. Remember to take your time and to ensure that you've covered the surface area evenly and if you tick both of those boxes . . .
Well, bobs your uncle. 
I've still got my tanning hopes pinned on this summers sun. I have two trips to France booked and one holiday to spain to look forward to. 
It's going to be a jam-packed season. 

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