Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Working Girl Continued

Russell & Bromley Sandals paired with Supersoft skinny 'Leigh' Jeans from Topshop. 

The unpredictability of the great English weather has been at its utmost best this week. 
Thoughts of travelling back home and sunning myself at the beach were silently put to bed. As you all know, I have been otherwise occupied. 
Engulfed between four walls, I filed, ran returns, compiled mood boards and stored look books. In the most timely and professional manner, I did anything and everything that carried the possibility of easing my mind for all summer cravings. 

This strapping pair of Russell & Bromley sandals made their first 2012 debut, just last Thursday
. . . Lovely, aren't they.

I therefore know that it was that day in particular that I played part in a little, home grown 'beauty sale,' within the magazine and newspaper. 
Despite having to supervise the vicious crowd of beauty vultures, I did manage to get my hungry, little claws into a few of the sparkling tricks and treats on offer. . . 

From the top Left and working my way around as best as I can |
Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo in Deep Night Purple
Lancome Teint Miracle | Purse Size
bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 0.2 in Daydream and Wanderlust
'B' Perfume Favour ( I think it could be Boucheron, but i'm not one hundred percent)
Maybelline Nail colour in Lilac Charm
Jo Malone Hand Cream in Pomegranate Noir 
Escada Rockin Rio Eau de Toilet (Limited Edition past its sell-by date)

I know, I know. I can't quite believe just how lucky i've been either. 
The Rockin Rio spritzer is without a doubt, my most treasured token. I have been playing a rather, lengthy treasure hunt with this spritzer after all.
The Girl and I  were bought une petite boutille by Mother Hen, at a time when we were evolving past mud stains and braces and onto boys, smellies and make up. As devastating as it is, Limited Edition stocks don't last forever and as soon as my special edition had dissolved, I wished that i'd stopped and savoured every last drop. 
 . . . Stella Magazine, I love you.

Other Favourites include  . . . 

The Grey Vetiver. Now this is a new found glory for me. Yes it is a mans scent and so yes, I am well aware. 
I've thought about bestowing it upon The Boy, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Its quite simply, intoxicating. 

The Alligator Compact. My infatuation for all things 'vintage' continues to blossom. Not only does it tick all the boxes in both appearance and style but I just can't help but feel ever so 40's heiress, with this glamourous piece in tow.  The pressed powder remains untouched as of yet, but come Goodwood Revival and i'm sure it'll be a different story. 

Last but not least . . . 
I am not a fake tan kind of girl. I've dabbled in tinted moisturisers, extensions, eyelashes and what not throughout my youth, but I have come to learn that it really is best to just let things lie. 
I live by the french rules of skincare. They moisturise to their hearts content whilst all signs of concealer and foundation are non-existent. 
Contradicting that, thisworks 'Perfect Legs Gradual Tan' container just looks so darn appealing. Its finer than fake tan and yet, thicker than tinted moisturiser. Giving into temptation, I did of course feel that a little home time experiment was called for. 

 . . . I'll have to let you know how it works out. 

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