Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cocoa Baby

These saucy little things simply ooze satisfaction from the very first nibble. 

The only eventuality to have come from todays ever so lazy, 'hazy day sunday.' 
A terribly infrequent occurrence in itself but once the occasion has arisen it tends to be spent whilst in the company of the rugby, the cricket or a most welcomed trip to the pub. 
This unusually chilly day in May saw a slightly fidgety & somewhat hungover side to these stereotyped but irregular happenings. As a result, I not only craved something a little bit sticky & sickly but due to the state of those around me, I felt compelled to whip up a batch of the most irresistible and momentarily satisfying chocolate chip brownies. 
As a first time effort I failed to record their inner workings but having tasted the sugar dusted, cocoa goodness, I can confirm that I will be posting their 'easy-bake how to guide' all in good time.

 . . . Just something for you all to look forward to.   

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