Friday, 11 May 2012

Parlez-Vous Anglais?

'Flight Companion' by Nougat London | Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitiser and Lip Balm

This post may be a few days in advance. 
Come Tuesday morning at the glorious hour of six, I shall be taking the Eurostar for a couple of days of timely Parisian fun. Once there, the Marc Jacobs exhibition will be first to be crossed off our list. An exciting prospect I know and I promise to give you all of the details as soon as I touch base back in good old England. 
Despite being five days ahead of schedule, I've already packed up my hold all, checked my passport twice and tried on my 'night time' outfit too many times than I care to admit...


Chained Headband from Zara | Old Flapper Dress from French Connection | Steve Madden 'Dynemite" shoes.

This French Connection dress was one of the first things that was ever given to me by the boyfriend. I'd seen it just after we started going together and knowing how much I adored it he bought it and surprised me with it just a few days later. I've loved it ever since. Because of the awful weather I've kept these 'Dynemite' shoes firmly in their box and away from the unseasonal English showers. I've worn them around the bedroom and I can honestly say that they're oh so comfortable. I'd love a pair in black and it just so happens that they've been put on sale. Quite tempting, I have to say. As for accesories I've decided to keep it simple, so I've teamed this chained headband from Zara. (Something that I believed to be a necklace when I purchased it two days ago).

- Je suis très très idiot, je savoir.

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