Saturday, 19 May 2012

Passport To Paris

* I am beyond sorry this time. I know that my lateness has really hit an all time low and while I do have an all-too-well prepared list that's just jam-packed with excuses (I was in another country, the boyfriend has been holding my macintosh hostage, etc/. etc/.) I feel that I would be better serving both our purposes with the following post...

La Tour Eiffel

Oh Boy did I just quote an Olson twin production. In fact, i'm fairy certain that said film was quoted a spare dozen times throughout our entire stay. 
 - As Miss McDonagh, Miss Layland, Miss Mallia and I sharply discovered, the four of us have all been avid fans since childhood. 
As I said in my last post we were due to meet at St. Pancras station for six o'clock in the morning. I therefore had the  pleasure of waking up when the clock stuck three. I left without make up on so that I could sleep on the way and not end up with mascara down either side of my cheeks. From there we took to the Eurostar at seven and by nine o'clock (France time) we were ready to make our way to the Lourve, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. 
The exhibition itself came up a little short in size but as for content there was far, far less to disappoint. 
For Louis Vuitton there were unanimous visions of 'LV' canvas bags and timeless trunks to keep your eyes more than occupied. I also happened to spy a rather delightful doctors bag in the most tempting shade of chocolate. 
When it came to Marc Jacobs the designs spoke for themselves. As anyone will tell you, I would trust this man with the construction of my very wardrobe. I especially loved the toppings that were added to each of the mannequins on show. In one department there were Roman helmets which masked the face in silver and that lined the center of the the head with crisp white feathers. Another collection saw hygienic masks with the classic red cross that you would normally find in an institution of health. It really looked as if it had been cherry picked from a local hospital.
Well, I thought it was just darling.


Making our way back to the metro, we scurried along the french pavements in search of our temporary lodgings. These 'quick snaps'   were taken from just outside of our building. Absolutely breathtaking. 

With the evening drawing closer and closer, the four of us thought we would take a turn to another tourist hot spot, Le Arc De Triomphe. While Layland and myself have been to Paris before McDonagh and Mallia hadn't, that's why we thought it would be nice to see some of those 'must see hot spots'. Even if you have visited before, it never seems to get old. When we first walked out of the metro station and saw the wonder standing in the sunlight and heavily stocked with other tourist such as ourselves. After we found a nice local restaurant for some Kir's and a bite to eat, night time had taken over outside. The tourist were now few and the Arc looked just as wonderful by nightlight. 

When we woke up the next day we all knew that it was time for 'the big cheese,' Le Tour Eiffel. Having been before I knew what was to be expected and yet I couldn't physically stop my excitement as I saw it in all its glory. I really couldn't stop myself from bouncing around like Tigger. Sadly there was a two hour wait for the lift and because we were carrying all our luggage (stylish, I know) we wouldn't have been able to walk up those 'never ending' stairs. Thankfully our misery was sharply replaced with easy smiles, when we took a turn to the surrounding greenery for a little rest in the sun...


If you haven't been to France I really do advise you to book your ticket now. 
I just adore it. 

 Just shop, eat, drink and be merry.

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