Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stanwells House Hotel in Lymington

With the first year of university firmly under my belt, i've temporarily moved back home to spend the summer with those that I love and treasure above all. 
This beautiful bouquet were quite simply the perfect start to summer 2012. 

If I were to ask 100 townies whether or not Lymington town could be found on their radar, I bet that nine times out of ten the answer would be no. 
Despite the odd debatable hiccup (the 99 pence store for example is not in tune with the high streets ideals), Lymington is a treasure trove of sun-kissed yuppies, ladies who lunch, trendy hipsters and last but not least, those summer time grockles that come in their hundreds and thousands. Stanwells House Hotel is just one of many fine establishments that occupy this little town by the water.
Never in need for an excuse, the girl, my mother and I took to Stanwells House Hotel for a spot of light lunch and Tea...

These 'diddy' union jacks were dotted about in the flower pots of the conservatory. With the Diamond Jubilee just around the corner,  the three of us were in raptures over their delicate presence. 
God Bless The Queen After All. 

As for our munchies, we opted for the most location appropriate dishes. Mummy Austin spooned at Silky Pea Soup in spirit of the surrounding countryside whilst the girl and I divulged a platter of monkfish, scampi and calamari in keeping with the quay side town. 
In my honest opinion, Stanwells is a fine institution.
... not number one on my list of establishments to recommend but most certainly within Lymington's top five. 

Positively Delish.

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