Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Temptation at Covent Garden

There are two sides to our final assignment. 
As far as things go in my books, the first is that of a rather negative nature. I do not mix well with filming equipment, nor do I mix with any odds and sods that may come hand in hand with such under such genre. 
Give me still frames and plain old photography any day. 
The other side is most certainly some what condescending. With a three minute movie ahead of us, christopher & company' took to the streets of Covent Garden in order to gain some kind of structure for our piece. 
Admittedly, the filming was slowly sidestepped as all five of us gorged ourselves on the flavours and smells that surrounded from the upbeat market. These cupcakes were so amazing that a few of us returned to the 'Crumbs & Doilies' stall for seconds.  

Two pounds for a cupcake that taste like cookie dough is sheer genius in my opinion. I for one will be visiting Covent Garden on a regular basis from this point forward.

Now I'm going to lay all of my cards out on the table. There is an age old myth that suggest that girls only nibble and that they tend to eat very little in comparison to our male companions. This is of course folly. Mere moments after emptying our hands of crumbs and icing, we wondered through the square before another Covent Garden gem had caught our attention. 
Yuforia is a fat free frozen yogurt company that insist upon a 'feel good eats and treat' policy. 
Its one of those strict decision based co-operations that rely solely on what it is that you want. Size and yogurt flavour are wholly placed in your hands whilst toppings are vast in selection and generously given. 

Asking the girls to place their orders first, I put far too much thought into my little tub of heaven. After much deliberation, I limited myself to blackberries, raspberries, honeycomb, chocolate and a single strawberry. 
It is easy to be greedy after all. 

Oh, the filming itself is also going quite well. One more day of editing and I'll be free of University, year one. 

My, my, how time does fly. 

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