Monday, 11 June 2012

Day One at GFW

Sunday at Graduate Fashion Week

Today saw the unveiling of this years University graduates and their individual collections and contributions to fashion. Ever the lucky girl, I've been asked to accompany Phoenix magazine as a contributing journalist whilst the United Kingdom oversees what 2012 has to offer. 

In typical English fashion, the weather would have you believe it was February or October. Despite being June, the English have been left with their thick coats and their waterproof boots on. I therefore left this morning with my NEW coat from All Saints, my H&M fur and these lovely little boots from Topshop. Sadly they're another example of prime shoe candy that actually belongs to the girl, thankfully she loves me enough to let me borrow them from time to time. 

The other interns and I were all overcome with sheer excitement when asked to attend certain scheduled shows. The Northumbria University and I had a date. 

To my surprise and delight, all guest were left a little handful of goodies on their awaiting seats. A look book, a schedule and a candy striped package containing a pair of Gilly Hicks undies. I managed to get my claws into two pairs of undies as my companion didn't think they were quite his style. 
 - Brownie points to Northumbria.

As part of the press I managed to grab a chair that was just forth row from the front. Sadly these pictures don't really do the collections justice. That being said, I am happy to announce that the Northumbria University should have been standing up proud as  their graduates made a lasting impression. 
Here are just a few that made me sit up and take note...

Womenswear designer Rebecca Byers unleashed 'Erosion's Discrete Beauty.' A six ensamble collection that consist of luxurious fabrics, collapsing structures and hand crafted accessories that 'reflect a lady of elegance, riches and beauty.' If only I could be seen in one of Byers' beautiful maxi dresses, I would really feel like the cat that got the cream. 

Amelia Smith on the other hand caught my eye for two reasons. The first being that her designs reminded me of those created by the talented Mary Katrantzou. Familiar but not the same.  The second reason being that her designers were worn by what appeared to be a six-piece collection of 'Russian Dolls.' Complete with Russian hat, white tights and heavy black boots, the girls on show had their femininity emphasised through the over structured silhouettes built by Smith. Throughout this collection there were so many items that could easily be found within my wardrobe.

With the Northumbria show under my belt, I am eagerly anticipating the remainder of GFW and any other shows that I will hopefully be asked to attend. 
Today was the most fun possibly imaginable but I've got a niggling feeling inside that tomorrow is going to be just as good, if not even better. 

I'll Keep you all updated.

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