Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day Two at GFW

Monday at Graduate Fashion Week

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jamie Lang and Francis Boulle, the tone set at Earls Court today had somewhat changed since Hilary Alexander was sauntering around the exhibition hall just yesterday. That being said, it was just as I had predicted in my last post. Equally as fun and ostentatiously eventful. 
Day two of Graduate Fashion Week marked my appointment with the Nottingham Trent show at half past five in the afternoon. 

Once again, there were so many innovative young designers that anxiously unleashed their collections among us. Of course I would love to sit here and talk you through them all but then it would seemingly take the edge off of my top three talents.
With that thought in mind, I would like to introduce you to Florence Bridge. Her effortless ensembles had me in raptures over  the sun kissed beaches that I could happily graze along in her embellished vest or water splashed gown. I'll be looking out for this girls name in my summer time essentials next year. 

This snap shot is of Dae Byn Lee. Another one of those specials that I could just pin pick off of the catwalk and throw over my back. The various pinks, oranges and yellows that should have shamelessly clashed only seemed compellingly grown up whilst the attached lengths of decretive fabrics felt outspokenly necessary. One of those priceless outfits that you can quickly throw on and sharply run out the door in. It sounds perfect to me. 

Last but not least I would like to give you Lily Mason. A girl whose collection defines my ideal home time wardrobe. Quintessentially Country, her woven fabrics were belted to reveal a feminine silhouette which hand in hand with widely framed spectacles gave off a rather sexy and somewhat secretarial appearance. 
A toast to all smart girls. 
Dressing for comfort should always come first with style and individuality coming in as a close second. For that sensible reasoning we should give thanks to the innovative and practical designers like young Mason. It is after all such a pleasure to find such spoken of garments that unify these two traits perfectly. 
Lily Mason we salute you.   

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