Friday, 8 June 2012

The Gromit Mobile

This is the Gromit Mobile

- So called by each and every person that has thus far sat in the A35's driving seat.

This 'brum' is most certainly part of the family as it is a little Austin itself after all.What was rotting and rusting away in one of the back barns has unseeingly been transformed into this outspoken and vastly admired automobile. 
Unveiled to the girl and I just mere weeks a go, Papa A has pulled some strings with the folks behind the insurance desks and has made us two chicks co-drivers of this fine van.
...ludicrous, isn't it.

So, after a afternoon of trial and error we came to learn that whilst the steering is (thankfully) as good as gold, the breaks leave far less to be desired. After negotiating our way around the nearest car park, we made the decision to tempt fate by making our way over to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu for their 'vehicles of the 1950s' event.  

The girl really played her part in all manner of hairstyles and make up. As my nearest and dearest I can only but emphasise how seduced she is by the renowned glamour of said era. Rollers are a necessity and there will always be a elegant lick of liner and a carefully blotted red lip in tow. 

Aside from our green mini machine, there were some other fifties wonders that had been buffed up and put on show by their proud owners but as lovely as they cars were, the Beaulieu bus is the one which never fails to tickle my fancy. As you can see, she was all dolled up in honer of Her Majesty.
... I hope you all had a wonderful Jubilee weekend. Lots of pimms, union jacks and cupcakes in the rain i'm sure.

After giving the van a run around the track, the girl and I took a turn around the glorious manor and all its splendour. It's so easy to lose track of time whilst simply admiring the greenery, the surrounding water and of course the estate itself. The monorail is perfect for exploring the grounds whilst never leaving the comfort of ones seat.
Moving from one means of fun to another, yes I am certain that the fun fair was meant to distract the under 14s and yes I did ignore said implication. The merry-go-round is an old childhood memory that still lives on. 

The last treat that Beaulieu currently has on offer is an interesting display of sculpted beings. Notably, some of which may be a required taste but that is the wonderful thing about forming ones opinion. This is 'Reggie' by Margaret Samuel. The girl took to him instantly and if it weren't for the price tag, i'm sure we would have snapped him up. 

This last snap shot is my favourite. 'Trust me' says the fox whilst the duck has been rightly labelled 'naivety.' It just tickles me.

I'm fairly lucky in the sense that the Motor Museum is quite local. They always have a wide range of shows and events that come hand in hand with exhibitions, fun fairs, gardens, the manor house and above all things coffee. Even if engines don't quite float your boat, there's so many other things that you can busy yourself with. I promise.
Go on a sunny summers day and you'll be sure to see the widest spread rhubarb ever imaginable.

...I don't actually even like rhubarb. I just felt it should be mentioned because it really does make me go 'ohh' each and every time. 

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