Monday, 25 June 2012

Posh Pub Grab | Episode Two

Fish 'n' Chips
Another nifty recipe given from the minds behind Waitrose.

Recognised as one of the nations most simple but favourite of dishes, Fish and Chips bears no resilience to willpower with its tempting humbleness and undeniable deliciousness. 
Frequenting the Hampshire shores as often as I can manage, it is somewhat difficult to avoid the fresh and local produce that's always on offer and what with the Sea produce being so available from door to door, it's terribly hard to resist. 

I won't write up the 'exact' recipe measurements for you because they differ for each and every person. I tend to wing it and neither I, nor my guinea pigs have been thus far disappointed by doing so. However, what you will need...

 - Potatoes
 - Sunflower Oil
 - Paprika
- A fish of your choice. Preferably a meaty, white fish like cod or haddock is ideal due to the range of taste and flavours that the dish contains.
 - Milk
 - Cheddar Cheese
- Breadcrumbs
- Creme Fraiche
- Butter

- For the chips, i've used the same recipe as is used within this post. They take an average of 30-35 minutes and should be shuffled half way through. Simply cut the potatoes into wedges, sprinkle with paprika (as to your own personal taste), add a dash of sunflower oil and shake together in a covered bowl/pan/dish so that everything is coated evenly. Throw in the oven and forget about for 20 minutes before checking and shuffling. 

The fish is also quite easy to do once you know how. 
Start off by placing the fillets in a frying pan with around 150ml go milk. This won't cover the flesh but it is only to encourage certain flavours. Leave this to simmer for roughly six minutes meanwhile mixing some cheddar cheese with a handful of breadcrumbs. Use this mixture to coat the fillets surface after having simmered on the stove, then simply transfer from the frying pan and into a deeper dish for another eight minutes before serving. 
You can then create a light sauce to match just by adding hints of butter, creme fraiche and chives to the used milk. I left mine to simmer for a tad too long and as you can see, it turned into more of a dip than anything else. Still, it's something that I can learn from for my next venture. 


Dinner is served.

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