Sunday, 1 July 2012

Caught on Camera

Over the last year, I have knowingly suffered a certain kind of sadness that only comes from a complete lack of student appropriate loungewear. 
Pyjamas and such were inexcusable but what with all the other accommodated students around, crop tops and knickers seemed inappropriate. 
 - There is only so much of me that strangers should be made to see. 
What I really fancied was an 'all-in'one' ensemble of a fitted and preferably niche nature. Dark colours, Fair Isle prints and bold snowflakes were my prime target. Not willing to measure, sew or cut for myself, I frantically scoured the internet looking for said desired item. Sadly and much to my dismay, no such thing existed. 
As all Austins' know how, I continued to moan, whinge and whine my way through the ever changing seasons, loungewear-less and onesie-less. 
 ... until now.

Fed up with my repeated tales of personal tribulation, the boy decided  that it was time to surprise me with this 'Japanease Red Fox' suit. I was so excited at the time that I almost forgot to kiss him and say thank-you. Naughty me, I know. 
The suits are made to fit all different kinds of shapes and sizes and with such an impressive collection of over 30 animals and creatures, it's so hard to resist. 
I adore being a fox and it's most certainly the one that i'd have chosen for myself. 
The boy knows me far too well. 

This 'Japanease Fox' has made such a lasting impression that Mummy Austin has her eye on Kigu's pink bunny already. 

There's only one slight problem. 
I don't think that i'll ever want to take mine off. 

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