Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stanwells House Hotel Part II

Just as with the rest of the student population, i've recently found myself thrown into a continuous state of what we all routinely refer to as work. 
I won't fuss however. On the one hand I have very little free time with which to entertain you lovely blog devotees but on the other, I am in the unfortunate state of financial need and what's more, I really do enjoy waitressing. 
That being said, I did manage to find a small window in my 'working girl' schedule and so on a very sunny evening this week, the boy and I decided to take a turn for some light supper by the water. 
Delighted with the efforts of Stanwells House Hotel (found in one of my May time blog posts) we thought that we would push the 'boutique hotel' one step further. 
There's two restaurants located within the grand establishment, one entitled 'The Bistro' and the other devoted to seafood. We opted for the latter. 

Impressed with the room and its vibrant but simplistic ambiance, I sipped at this glass of fizz whilst the boy guzzled his way through a non-alcoholic beer - Someone had to drive after all. 
We were then given two menus which appeared worthy of the establishments AA Rosette award. 
As I mentioned, we were only after something light. Of course everything sounded wonderful but what really made our mouths water was the lengthy compiled list of seafood tapas. 
Carpaccio of tuna, Flash fried calamari & chorizo and crayfish risotto, it all sounded marvellous. 
Dishes ranged between £3.50, £4.50 and £6.95, so we decided to chose three or four each and then we could just share everything out between us. In the end we opted for...

Classic Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce at £6.95
The actual mussels were a tad on the small side but this was somewhat outweighed by the rather sizeable portion and the oh so creamy and wonderfully generous white wine sauce. 
They didn't last very long at all.

Plaice Goujons with a Pea Puree at £4.50
These are the perfect option for anyone who is a little bit 'fish' weary. On its own, Plaice is rather futile in taste, there's really not much to it. Cover the flesh in breadcrumbs however and it's now unfamiliar to the fish fingers that you ate as a child. The pea puree is perhaps an attempt to make this dish appear more 'adult' than it actually is. 
Delightful none the less. 

Nachos with Sour Cream, Guacamole and Loaded with Cheese at £6.95
These were disappointing. Admittedly it's not the most challenging of dishes but then surely that there is the reason why it should be so effortlessly compiled. There was a severe lack of cheese and what was there had been burnt. The guacamole was also a little scarce. 

Coconut Tiger Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce at £4.50
The boy branded these as 'nice.' 
'Yummy in his tummy.' The coconut and chilli were choice flavours and that any thai lovers should most certainly approach.

Devilled Whitebait with Marie-Rose Sauce at £4.50
Like the Nachos, Whitebait is a sure choice for sailors and yachties alike. These were present enough but i would advise upon a hint of salt, just to give it that little something more. 

There was also Olive Oil Dressed Rocket with Parma Ham and Shaved parmesan at £4.50, some Forccacia Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic at £3.50 and last but not least, a bowl of french fries at £3.50 of course. 

As far as AA Rosette Awards go, I may have to be otherwise persuaded by Stanwells' Bistro. As for its Tapas, a little fine tuning and it may well become one of my 'light lunches' hot spots. 
Sadly, if it weren't for the attentive service, the charming relaxed feel or the general splendour, i'm not so convinced that Stanwells House Hotel would truly stand as an institution of excellence. 

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