Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello Stranger...

Stella Magazine at 'The Daily Telegraph'

...It hasn't been that long has it?

As difficult as one's financial situation may well be, I have bone-achingly slowly managed to build up a substantial amount of 'cash' to finance another week of playful exploitation over at The Daily Telegraph

Despite having scheduled and marked said appearance upon the pages of my metaphorically beige WH Smith diary, I have somehow managed to vacate the New Forest and proceed to my Surrey Lodgings a full seven days in advance 
...Oh no, silly me.

The Pocketbook Diary | Mulberry

Fortunately enough, Daddy Austin knows exactly what kinda girl I am and so he surprised me with this sparkling gem in the hope that i'd start to pay a little more attention to what i'm doing, who i'll be with and when. 

Sadly for now, it's good night from the working girl but as always I'll be in touch.

 Ta Ta For Now

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