Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Bad Blogger & Her Spanish Retreat

Frolicking Streetside 
(Only A Tad Worse For Wear)
All Photographic Content is Courtesy of the Devilishly Handsome Benjamin Sanchez

Alas, the honeymoon period has come to an end and with it the exhaustion of my timely blog post. 
I am sorry of course and as always I send only the sincerest of apologies but as I have previous explained, the working life of a student offers little time for leisure and thus so, even less time for any online activity. 
Somehow I managed to reason that a summertime special in Spain could be justified - if not for my sanity then just for the sheer fun of it all. 

At the request of the boy and his wonderfully charming parents, I fished out my passport, threw on my bikini and I ran out the door. Forty minutes in the car, less than two hours on a plane and we had touched down in the sun kissed land of tapas and paella.  
We frolicked and pranced to our hearts content, spending our days by the pool, in the sea and venturing through the local towns and cities. Simple but heavenly. 

One of my better swimsuit shots.
I wasn't quite ready for this snap shot but I like it none the less. I'm wearing my favourite green bikini, bought last year in the River Island sale. It doesn't fit my body quite as well as it once did but then i'm a sucker for block colours. 
...No references to beached whales if you please.  

This was the second of the Sanchez holidays that i've personally invaded and in all honesty I couldn't tell you which of the two was better. 
I had a fabulous time and I just can't thank them enough for putting up with the likes of me. 

In other news/.
I'll not only be back waiting tables and moving into my new 'gaff' but i'll also be serving another week with those charming ladies over at Stella.

Let me know how your summers are going and as always, 
stay tuned folks. 

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