Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Fairytale [in Vogue]

I know that it's been a while and of course I do apologise but please, consider this an education into the sheer unpredictability of me - It's really not such a bad trait to have. 

The objective was fairly simple. Create an on-trend tear sheet which reflects the current season and which is written and presented in the style of Vogue, Dazed & Confused or The Guardian. Simple, n'est pas? 
Now, this was assigned a little while ago so you can understand why Autumn/Winter 2012 was the season of choice. I helplessly reminisced over my own childhood nostalgia by choosing to feature the apparent fairytale trend which was seemingly held in the highest regard by all manner of industries, be it film, fashion or photography. The final piece was then composed and presented as an homage to vogue UK. 
- Not too shabby I hope. 

I truly adore these fairytale princess illustrations but I must admit, the Rapunzel design portrayed by Jenny Peckham is particularly divine. Sometimes, all a girl can do is dream. 

Admittedly the title was given very last minute and yes, if given the opportunity I would certainly rename it something with a little more gust but I do suppose that sometimes you simply run out of time for these kinds of things. Oh well. Never mind.

In other news, I have recently succumbed to the photographic world that is instagram. Find me @rebeccaelizabeth10.